Think Folks Are “Too Light?” Think Again!: Is White “Too White?”

Are you struggling with the skin -color- issue in one way or another, perhaps deep down in your heart?

Struggle no more! The Color Blind Series, inspired by the Holy Spirit, has arrived to set you free and save future generations from having to endure such painful struggle.

The Series includes the following titles: …TOO BLACK?, …TOO DARK?, … TOO LIGHT?, & …NOT TOO…?

The Color Blind Series does not address racism, per se. It focuses primarily on color, and how color deeply affects humans but not animals. It aims to balance this scale for a better world.


Each book includes a workbook and reflection section for individual or group work; for children and adults. This book is a great tool for color sensitivity training in your home, church, school, Center, organization, or team.

Read, reflect, and be transformed by the renewing of your mind. (Rom.12:2 NIV)