Author, Educator, Inspirational Speaker

Lupita Samuels was born in Costa Rica, but she has been a US citizen for most of her life.She has been a dedicated, passionate and effective educator who has taught in the New City York Public School System for over 20 years. She has also taught Bible courses at the Spirit Life School at Fordham Manor Church in the Bronx, for many years.
Ms. Samuels was married to the late Ramon E. Cuevas and has two sons, Paul and Johnathan, and five grandchildren. She also raised two of her nephews, Joey and Michael.
After her retirement from the NYC /DOE, she began to pursue her aspiration as a writer. The Color-Blind Series aims at changing the way most people see color in themselves, and in others.
Ms. Samuels has earned a Bachelor’s degree from New York University, and a Master’s degree from Bank Street College of Education, but she yearns for that degree of unction from the Holy Spirit to empower her writing to impact, not only the God-fearing community, but the world at large.